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Australian Hardwood Timber Species

Boral Timber has a range of beautiful Australian hardwood species varying in colour and grain. A species to suit any location.

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Product Details

  • Beechswatch 1 Australian Beech

    A beautiful combination of highland timbers. A unique palette that ranges from pale brown and golden hues to a light cream with a slightly pink tint. Janka : 7.1

  • Blackbuttswatch 4 Blackbutt

    A commonly grown hardwood that has attractive colouring from cream to pale brown and an occasional tinge of subtle pink. Janka : 9.1

  • Brushboxswatch 1 Brushbox

    Sought after for its unique properties and aesthetic qualities. A fine and even texture varying from pale pinkish grey to rich reddish brown. Janka : 9.5

  • Fg Sample (1) Flooded (Rose) Gum

    Prized for its unique, soft rose tones varying from pale pink to soft reds and red browns. It has a straight grain and the occasional natural scribble pattern. Janka : 7.5

  • Forestreds 0 Forest Reds

    A blend of various sized hardwoods harvested from coastal regions. From pale pinks to deep reds, which when blended in flooring, give any venue a warm and luxurious look. Janka : 9.0

  • Ironbarkswatch 1 Ironbark

    A stunning array of timber hues from pale brown to dark chocolate brown as well as dark red. The grain is usually interlocked, with a moderately coarse surface texture. Janka : 14.0

  • Redmahoganyswatch 1 Red Mahogany

    A classic timber with subtle changes of colour from a mix of pale tones of sapwood to the dark, rich red colouring that is unique to the red Mahogany species. Janka : 12.0

  • Fg Sample River Reds

    A mix of pale pink to soft red brown with a straight grain and a moderately coarse and even texture. Used for various outdoor applications such as decking and fencing. Janka : 7.5

  • Spottedgumswatch 4 Spotted Gum

    A soft mottled colour that varies from pale grey browns and soft creams to rich chocolate brown. Janka : 11.0

  • Sydneybluegumswatch Copy 0 Sydney Blue Gum

    A well-known east coast timber. It has a straight grain that is sometimes interwoven. Its distinctive colour varies from soft pinks to dark pinks and red toned browns. Janka : 9.0

  • Tallowwood 3 Tallowwood

    An exceptionally durable hardwood with unique colour and grain structure. It is predominately yellowish brown with a tinge of olive green and beautiful growth rings visible. Janka : 8.6

  • Turpentineswatch 1 Turpentine

    A highly durable hardwood species. In colour, it varies in hues of reddishbrown through to deep chocolate. It has a straight grain and a coarse but evenly textured surface area. Janka : 12.0

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